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Full Version: User Tagging
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Last Updated: 4th March 2014
This plugin is simple to use and provides a feature many users have gotten used to since the social networking boom.

With this plugin you can tag users with an @user style tag. Just type it in any post and the user will be tagged. Upon tagging, a PM will optionally be sent from you to the user you tagged, notifying them they have been tagged.

Settings for plugin:
*On/Off - Turns plugin on and off.
*Tag Styling - Allows you to provides styling to all tags using BBcode.
*Allowed Forums - Optionally limit plugin to certain forums
*Allowed Groups - Optionally limit plugin to certain user groups
*PM Enabled - Whether or not to send a PM on tag
*PM Subject - The subject of the PM sent to the tagged user.
*PM Body - The message of the PM sent to the tagged user.

This plugin uses MyCode to tag the user in the post, allowing for ease of potential editing if a user/mod/admin should desire to do so.

What do you think of this plugin? Post a reply!
I think that is pretty cool is you have a question on the forums you could tag someone and they could come look at your thread once they receive the pm.
Yeah, I guess you could. I mean anyone can answer the posts but it'll be useful for some occasions.
I think it's a very good idea. It helps make sure that the person you want to see a post sees it.
Very nice idea. Love it. Could get out of hand but it should work fine
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