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Full Version: New Forum Head Logo
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I did a little photoshop magic and made a logo for the website!
[Image: 1a7be21dabbf00bc1a41a15d594a6c37.jpg]
Nice, as you have seen I edited it.

[Image: 30a67a55e58f4b1abac88a1ea568ffa3.jpg]
Nice work Afro! *insert smiley here? =D*
Lol what's with the "*insert smiley here? =D*?
Idk. Felt like writing something funny..

But as always i manage to screw it up >:/
oh lol
[Image: 49fd8864b05e5f046bb53e8ba1ffa19d.jpg]

New Header Logo with new company name Smile
How do you guys like it?

Correct Version for: MacBooks
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