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Feel free to dicuss and tell us your thoughts on the new system. Most of these changes are implented
Table of content
  • Introduction & Explanation
  • The system
  • Improvements
  • A quick sum up

1) Introduction & Explanation
So our old credit system(for those of you who dont know what credits are. They are used to achieve Power Membership for free) is pretty to, keep track of, that is why we have came up with a new system, allowing almost all actions involving the community to be rewarded with smaller or greater amounts of credits by simple and or harder tasks. The old system you would only be able to earn credits by doing 2 differnt things, that is no longer

2) The system
Like the old times, there is no maximum amount of credits. A Power Membership now costs 2000 Credits.
You may be asking yourself. How am i supposed to earn that amount of credits?
Well. Let me explain. There will be a lot of stuff you can do, and simply participating in the community activities will get you to that amount quickly. Click here to find out more about this.

**UPDATE** NewPoints System Update [04/08/2014]

3) Improvements
This one pretty much explains its self. The system is a whole new aspect of gaining credits. Some of the old options are still here but are not as present. Of course all current credits on your account will be transfered to the same value in the new system

4) A quick sum up
Pretty much this is just a big update to the credit system to make it more professional and such(:p) As stated earlier most of these changes are final and they are mostly implented. So quickly give us your thoughts and possible improvements on the system

[Edit: This was moved/copied to the updates section for a more simple task.]
Very nice format! Big Grin Good Job Grif, love your idea! Very great, hopefully this will bring the community closer and tighter. +2 from me
Thanks. I do my best Tongue
I like the idea Smile
Alright. We do need a little more replies first :p
Sounds pretty good to me
I like this idea, very well thought out.
I like the idea of credits
(03-31-2014 05:25 PM)dhamm Wrote: [ -> ]I like the idea of credits

Well the credits are already here, This is simply just a new idea for them! Tongue
I like the idea. Makes it easier for certain things to be worth more credits than others.
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