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Full Version: Avoid the Ban
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NOTICE: Users not using incognito that are from "LHS" or "Lowell High School" get banned for a week until changed.

REASON: When users not using incognito it shows up in their browser history which also may show up for admins/mods going through data. Further so the site gets blocked for that reason since we're not ALLOWED to watch movies, play games or any such on our school computers. I DO NOT want this website getting blocked so PLEASE always use incognito! If you're not using incognito please delete your browser history.

Want to use incognito and not get banned?

Follow these steps below:

  1. Open up "Google Chrome"
  2. Head to the "File" drop down bar at the top. Click on it.
  3. Head down to "New Incognito Window" and click on it.
  4. BAM! You're set to go! Anything you visit will not be reported to admins database.

Thank you for viewing this thread guys Smile You may receive General Support here!

All users that has previously been banned for X reason, may get added to the bad sport usergroup. For keep track of it. After 1-2 weeks depending on rule violation the user may get removed from bad sport again.
I know my school, I know how they run. Your school may be different.
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