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Full Version: Away/Here Status
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Hello, Crystal here showing you a new plugin update that allows you to update your status wether you're going on vacation or won't be active for a couple days or such and such. How do you get to access this feature that has recently been added?

Follow these steps:
  1. Go to "User CP" near your profile name up at the top.
    [Image: 0e4480366f4b4a066869a117d122b316.jpg]
  2. Go to "Edit Profile"
    [Image: 2f2248eed681e9701a2cbae259867053.jpg]
    and you should find "Away Information"
    [Image: 701edbb15d3bd01da94d93ef9fb5c90a.jpg]
  3. Set the status to "I'm Away" or "I'm Here"
  4. If you choose "I'm Away" please type in the correct "Away Reason"
  5. Give some more information and let the community/staff know when you'll be back. Add your most approximate "Return Date".
If you have any questions feel free to post a reply or contact the tech support team through the tech support forum.

PLEASE only use this if REALLY needed, if it's necessary then go for it but if you're going to be away for 5 seconds then don't use it.
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