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Hello, introducing a new feature installed called "Profile Comments", got a friend? Want to make a comment on him/her? Make a user comment on their user profile today! Smile

Examples below(attachments):
I believe the new idea will work but could be abused easily. Maybe a limit to length of the posts or 1 comment to one persons profile a day?
Hmm, I'll try and work with that if possible, thanks for the feedback and suggestion!

Edit: Well I just checked and there is really no way to block that at the moment :/ Makes me kind of sad, if it gets out of hand or there are spammers we'll be giving warnings. Remember to report users who spam or break rules! Read "READ BEFORE REPORTING" before reporting!
Seems like a very good idea. It's a small feature, but it's the kind of thing that I think makes the site better and better.
The new Feature seems pretty cool to me. Almost like Facebook but isn't. Sounds good to me!
We Will do our best to have everyone's profiles cleaned of course.

If it gets out of hand do like stated above by Crystal and report the user.

Thanks for all the feedback. We hope to implement most of the ideas soon
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