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Full Version: A loving, caring developer.
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Hello everyone Big Grin my name is Crystal and i'd like to introduce myself as one of the Head Developers here at Exclusive Access. Exclusive Access was started up back in May, 2013 with the old sites but with these new forums that were started around March 7th, 2014 which is powered by my privately funded company "Nezy", Nezy is our main source for our development team and I started it up around April 11th, 2014. I am the current founder and owner of these 2 sites/forums. Where does the name "Crystal" come from you ask? Well back in my sophomore year of high school I started a few websites for my schools students to use and it was just amazing. So amazing that I wanted to start up a new one after the old one got blocked, the one I started up next was ExclusiveAccess.webs.com and of course it went 236 days from May, 2013-March, 2014. Then as you know these forums were started up in March once it ended. I continue to develop new things everyday, if you ever need help creating something for yourself like a (website or forum) just contact me! Big Grin
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