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Full Version: Old Power Members
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When all the power members were deactivated did you reset their points too? Do they just need to re-apply or earn the credits again?
Well I don't think this type of question would be considered "Feedback & Suggestions" but umm no you may check your profile to see the amount of credits you still have, it also shows next to your post at the far right where it says "Credits: #####".

Edit: The reason for everyone being set back to regular members is for that the terms, rules, etc were violated by (a) user(s). REMEMBER to read the terms, rules, etc before applying.
Maybe a better way to say it is give former power memberships you ended early their credits back?
For example: You won't receive back 2,000 credits for there you were a power member for almost a full month. You will only receive back 200-300 credits because your membership would've ended tomorrow [May 3rd, 2014].
Ok thank you
No problem, I've given you back 250ȼ for the inconvenience this has caused. For any problems, glitches or errors you may experience make sure to use our "Support" forums for help.
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