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I think that it would be a good idea if you could change the default order of the members on the member list. There is an option to change the order at the bottom of the list, but it isn't permanent. It changes back to the old order after you leave the list. I think we should keep the options that are at the bottom, but make them permanent after you choose one. I also think a few more options would be good. Such as making it so that the people on your buddy list appear at the top, so that there is a reason to have the buddy list. I also think that an option to put the members in order of rank would be nice. Such as staff at the top, then power members, then regular members. Just a few ideas, I hope they are considered. Smile
Very nice, I like the idea you're putting out there. We "the admins" are able to make it have a default order but as of the moment we cannot do all of which was said in your post.