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Full Version: Referring a Member
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[b]Hello guys, probably curious about this thread here. Well i'm going to tell you how to earn credits and how to CORRECTLY refer someone.
[b]First[/b][i], ALWAYS MAKE SURE to have them use incognito or private window found under file under Google Chrome or Firefox. Don't do this, you get blocked, both of you![/i]

[b]Second[/b][i], you're going to want to make sure they place your REAL username in both referral fields, one says "Who referred you here?" and another says "Referral". Make sure to fill both out CORRECTLY! (If error message comes up for the field "Referral" they misspelled or put it down wrong)[/i]

[b]Third[/b][i], you should of earned credits if this was done correctly![/i]

[i]Any questions? Reply to this thread and we'll help![/i]
Hey Crystal I was wondering were can I find the link to refer people to the website?
When you visit your "User CP" on the home page there should be a link under your account summary where it says "To refer a member to this board, direct them to [Link here]"
and its easier to use google docs to paste link for them
Or instead of giving them a link just have them, while registering, add your username into the "Referral" field box. That being done will do the same thing as giving them the link, it just fills in that one box.
Thanks !
If you have any other questions non-related to this topic don't hesitate to make a thread in one of our support forums.