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[Plugin] Away/Here Status
Hello, Crystal here showing you a new plugin update that allows you to update your status wether you're going on vacation or won't be active for a couple days or such and such. How do you get to access this feature that has recently been added?

Follow these steps:
[*]Go to "User CP" near your profile name up at the top.
[*]Go to "Edit Profile"
and you should find "Away Information"
[*]Set the status to "I'm Away" or "I'm Here"
[*]If you choose "I'm Away" please type in the correct "Away Reason"
[*]Give some more information and let the community/staff know when you'll be back. Add your most approximate "Return Date".
If you have any questions feel free to post a reply or contact the tech support team through the tech support forum.

[b]PLEASE only use this if REALLY needed, if it's necessary then go for it but if you're going to be away for 5 seconds then don't use it.
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