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[b][size=medium]DO NOT Report a User if he/she:
[/size][/b][list=1][*]Disagrees with your opinion (Everyone deserves their own | If rude, that'll be understanding)
[*]Disagrees with your feedback/suggestion (Everyones counts, it's a community | If rude, that'll be understanding)
[*]is a person you generally just do not like I.R.L(In Real Life) or virtually.
[*]is friends with someone you just do not like I.R.L(In Real Life) or virtually.
Remember to take screenshots and upload them to or any other file hosting website to share proof with admins/mods when reporting!

[i]More will be added, you may PM me for anything else that you think should be added![/i]
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Founder of Nezy & Exclusive Access © 2013-2014
Forum Staff Team
Remember when submitting your proof you May NOT hide the URL with something min a bitly link.
If you still Decide to do so the link Will be REMOVED and the post locked
[i][b]Exclusive Access Web Developer[/b][/i]
Hello. My name is Grifinger. I joined Exclusive Access 03/19/2014. I'm currently occupied as a developer of the exclusive access web. I'm a friendly person, feel free to chat with me I generally love general discussion, and love to make a bit of fun out of most things Smile
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