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EA Handbook
[align=center][size=large][b]Tips and stuff for being a member of Exclusive Access.
[/b][/size]Exclusive Access is a friendly site and we don't have a lot of rules. The ones we have are on this page.
Exclusive Access is a place for sharing our common interests. You don't need to be "awesome" or "known" to post and join in on exclusive access but if you want to join our community here are a few suggestions.[/align]

[u][b]Update your Profile[/b][/u]
Let the community know where youâ€re from.
[list][*]That way we know when to kick you out of chat as it is your bedtime.[/list]
Add skills to your profile
[list][*]Help people find you by your areas of expertise.[/list]
Add a bio to your profile
[list][*]Tell the community who you are and what you do so they get to know you. It doesn't have to be super detailed and you don't need to share that info if you don't want to.[/list]

[/b][/size][/u]When you post, add a picture and include interesting descriptions. A little context goes a long way in getting people interested in your thread. Maybe it is for a story challenge or a lot you are building. Or a web app. (EA looks hopeful.)

[u][size=medium][b]Explore the work of others
[/b][/size][/u]When commenting on other members†threads, make it meaningful. If you add value to others†threads, theyâ€re more likely to be interested in yours. Take the time to comment - or just click the thanks on an upload if you are shy - it makes a creators day when they get a nice constructive comment.

However, please note "Wow this is awesome and I want your babies" IS also an acceptable comment.

[u][b]Own your work
[/b][/u]Upload only work that youâ€ve created. Donâ€t upload work that you havenâ€t created (unless attribution is clear and allowed by the creator's TOU).

[u][b]Be appropriate
[/b][/u]Donâ€t upload pornographic, racist, illegal or otherwise offensive content. Nor can you upload shockingly graphic/grotesque/obscene content. Realise that if you do, it will be removed.

[u][b]Be respectful
[/b][/u]Please accept that exclusive access has final say over whether content is appropriate, and don't re-post work that has been removed.

[u][b]Be nice
[/b][/u]Please refrain from name-calling, preaching, ranting and venting frustrations on others.

[u][b]Give due credit
[/b][/u]Link back to exclusive access when posting exclusive access related content elsewhere. Make sure you do the same here too if you upload.

[u][b]Be constructive
[/b][/u]We welcome constructive criticism of our work. When providing criticism to others, we always try to be helpful and courteous, not mean.
[align=center][b][i]Exclusive Access[/i][/b] [i][b]Head Developer[/b][/i] & [i][b]Administrator[/b][/i]
[color=#C71585]Come As Guest. Stay As Family[/color]
Founder of Nezy & Exclusive Access © 2013-2014
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